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Jong-Heun Lee, Ph.D.Professor

  • DepartmentDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering
  • AddressKorea University, Anam-Dong 5-1, Seoul 136-701, Korea
  • Phone+82-2-3290-3282
  • FAX+82-2-928-3584
  • LaboratoryFunctional Nanostructured Materials Laboratory


  • 1983.3-1987.2

    B.S. Inorganic Materials Engineering, Seoul National Univeristy

  • 1987.3-1989.2

    M.S. Inorganic Materials Engineering, Seoul National Univeristy

  • 1989.3-1993.2

    Ph.D. Inorganic Materials Engineering, Seoul National Univeristy


  • 1993.3 - 1999.2

    Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Senior Researcher

  • 1999.3 - 2000.8

    National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials, Tsukuba, Japan, STA fellow

  • 2000.9 - 2003.8

    Seoul National Univeristy, BK21 Research Professor

  • 2006.8 - 2006.9

    University of Queensland, Australia, Visiting Scientist

  • 2003.9 - 2008.9

    Korea University, Associate Professor

  • 2008.9 -

    Korea University, Professor


  • 1999.3

    STA(Science and Technology Agency of Japan) fellowship

  • 2001.10

    Patent of the Year, Ji-Seok-Young Prize, Korean Patent Office

  • 2013.12

    100 Future-Leading Technologies and Their Developers (High Performance Ceramic Chemical Sensors), National Academy of Engineering of Korea

  • 2014.11

    Korea University Award for Distinguished Research

  • 2014.12

    Knowledge Creation Award, Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning

  • 2016.1

    Korea University Alumni Prize for Best Research

  • 2016.1

    Korea Academy of Science and Technology (member)

  • 2016.7

    Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) best paper award

  • 2016.11

    Korean Sensors Society Academic Award

  • 2017.2

    POSCO-TJ Award

Professional Activities

  • Editor, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical (Elsevier)
  • Editor, Science of Advanced Materials (ASP)
  • Asian associate editor, Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanomanufacturing (ASP)
  • Associate editor, Reviews in Advanced Sciences and Engineering (ASP)
  • International Advisory Board Member, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (Springer)
  • Editorial Board Member, Chemosensors (MDPI)
  • Asia-Pacific Regional Committee Memebers, IMCS 2016, Jeju, Korea
  • International Steering Committee Member, ACCS 2015, Penang, Malaysia
  • Program Committee Member, ISOEN 2015, Burgundy, France
  • Program Committee Member, KJ-Ceramics 31, Changwon, Korea
  • Technical Program Committee Member, ISOEN 2013, Daegu, Korea
  • Local Organizing Committee Member, ISOEN 2013, Daegu, Korea
  • Program committee member, Electrospin 2012, Jeju, Korea
  • International Scientific Committee Member, SGS'2012, Poland
  • Program committee member, IEEE NMDC 2011, Jeju, Korea
  • Technical Program Committee member, ICAE 2011, Jeju, Korea
  • International Scientific Committee Member, SGS’2010, Poland
  • International Scientific Committee Member, The 3rd International Congress on Ceramics (2009-2010), Osaka, Japan
  • Technical Program and Publication Committee member, ACCS 2009, Daegu, Korea
  • Co-chairman, International Publicity Committee, ACCS 2009, Daegu, Korea
  • Symposium Co-Organizer, ‘Advanced Ceramic Sensor Technolgoies’ at The 3rd International Congress on Ceramics (2009-2010), Osaka, Japan
  • Organizing Committee Member, IUMRS-ICEM 2010, Seoul, Korea
  • Editorial Advisory board member, The Open Fuel Cells Journal
  • International Scientific Committee Member, SGS'2008, Poland
  • International Committee Member, The 5th Asian Meeting on Electroceramics, Thailand
  • Guest Coordinating Editor, Journal of Electroceramics (Special Issue on ICE-2005)
  • Member of Executive Board, Asian Electroceramics Association(AECA) (2005-2006)
  • Program Chairman, International Conference on Electroceramics (ICE-2005), KIST, Korea (2005.06)
  • Vice President, Korean Sensor Society (2017)
  • Treasurer, Korean Ceramic Society (2015)
  • Editorial director, Korean Sensor Society (2011)
  • Director of scientific affair, Korean Ceramic Society (2011)
  • Editoroial Board Member, Korean Ceramic Society (2005-2008)
  • Editoroial Board Member, Korean Sensor Society (2004-)
  • Editoroial Board Member, Korean Journal of Materials Research (2005-2008)
  • Editorial Director, Korean Materials Society (2007-2008)
  • Editorial Director, Korean Ceramic Society (2007)
  • Executive Director, Korean Sensor Society (2008-)
  • Editorial Board Member, Korean Electrochemical Society (2008-)
  • Member of the Electrochemical Society (2002-)
  • Member of American Ceramic Society (1999-)

Research area

  • Oxide semiconductor gas sensors
  • Functional nanostructures for energy/environment applications
  • Solid oxide electrolytes
  • Automotive air-to-fuel ratio sensors

Selective Publication

1 Jong-Heun Lee,* "Gas Sensors using Hierarchical and Hollow Oxide Nanostructures: Overview", Sensors and Actuators B, 140, 319-336 (2009) review article
2 Hyo-Joong Kim and Jong-Heun Lee*, "Highly sensitive and selective gas sensors using p-type oxide semiconductors: Overview," Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 192, 607-627 (2014) review article
3 Hae-Ryong Kim, Alexander Haensch, Il-Doo Kim, Nicolae Barsan*, Udo Weimar, and Jong-Heun Lee*, "Role of NiO doping in reducing the humidity impact on the performance of SnO2-based gas sensors: synthesis strategies, phenomenological and spectroscopic studies," Adv. Funct. Mater., 21, 4456-4463 (2011) Inside Cover Picture Article
4 Sun-Jung Kim, In-Sung Hwang, Chan-Woong Na, Il-Doo Kim, Yun Chan Kang, and Jong-Heun Lee,* "Ultrasensitive and selective C2H5OH sensors using Rh-loaded In2O3 hollow spheres " J. Mater. Chem., 21, 18477-18848 (2011) Cover Picture Article
5 Chan Woong Na, Hyung-Sik Woo, Il-Doo Kim, and Jong-Heun Lee,* "Selective detection of NO2 and C2H5OH using a Co3O4-decorated ZnO nanowire network sensor", Chem. Commun., 47, 5148-5150, (2011) Backcover Picture Article
6 Hyo-Joong Kim, Kwon-Il Choi, Anqiang Pan, Il-Doo Kim, Hae-Ryong Kim, Kang-Min Kim, Chan Woong Na, Guozhong Cao,* and Jong-Heun Lee,* "Template-free Solvothermal Synthesis of Hollow Hematite Spheres and their Applications in Gas Sensors and Li-ion Batteries",J. Mater. Chem., 21, 6549, (2011) Backcover Picture Article
7 Ji-Wook Yoon, Jung Ho Yoon, Jong-Heun Lee*, Cheol Seong Hwang*, "Impedance spectroscopic analysis on effects of partial oxidation of TiN bottom electrode and microstructure of amorphous and crystalline HfO2 thin films on their bipolar resistive switching", Nanoscale, 6, 6668-6678 (2014)
8 Hae-Ryong Kim, Kwon-Il Choi, Kang-Min Kim, Il-Doo Kim, Guozhong Cao, and Jong-Heun Lee,* "Ultra-fast responding and recovering C2H5OH sensors using SnO2 hollow spheres preparedand activated by Ni templates" Chem. Comm., 46, 5061-5063 (2010) Cover Picture Article
9 In-Sung Hwang, Joong-Ki Choi, Sun-Jung Kim, Ki-Young Dong, Jae-Hong Kwon, Byeong-Kwon Ju and Jong-Heun Lee,* "Enhanced H2S sensing characteristics of SnO2 nanowires functionalized with CuO", Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 142, 105-110 (2009)
10 Jong-Heun Lee,* "Highly resistive intergranular phases in solid electrolytes: an overview", Monatsh Chem, 140, 1081-1094 (2009)review article
11 Yoon-Sung Kim, In-Sung Hwang, Sun-Jung Kim, Choong-Yong Lee, and Jong-Heun Lee,* "CuO nanowire gas sensors for air quality control in automotive cabin",Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 135, 298-303 (2008)
12 Sung Bo Lee,* Jong-Heun Lee, Pyeong-Seok Cho, Doh-Yeon Kim, Wilfried Sigle, and Fritz Phillipp, "High-temperature resistance anomaly at a strontium titanate grain boundary and its correlation with the grain boundary faceting-defaceting transition," Adv. Mater., 19(3), 391-395 (2007)
13 Yoon Ho Cho, Pyeong-Seok Cho, Graeme Auchterlonie, Doo Kang Kim, Jong-Heun Lee,* Doh-Yeon Kim, Hyun-Min Park, and John Drennan, "Enhancement of grain-boundary conduction in gadolinia-doped ceria by the scavenging of highly resistive siliceous phase," Acta Mater., 55, 4807-4815 (2007)
14 Ki-Won Kim, Pyeong-Seok Cho, Sun-Jung Kim, Jong-Heun Lee,* Chong-Yun Kang, Jin-Sang Kim, and Seok-Jin Yoon, "The selective detection of C2H5OH using SnO2-ZnO thin film gas sensors prepared by combinatorial solution deposition," Sensors and Actuators B, 123, 318-324 (2007)
15 Jae-Young Lee, Jong-Heun Lee,* Seong-Hyeon Hong, Yong Kyun Lee and Jae-Young Choi, "Coating of BaTiO3 Nano-Layer on Spherical Ni Powders for MLCC," Adv. Mater. 15(19), 1655-1658 (2003)
16 Jong-Heun Lee,* "Review on Zirconia Air-Fuel Ratio Sensors for Automotive Applications," J. Mater. Sci., 38, 4247-4257 (2003) review article