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Design of high performance oxide semiconductor gas sensors using nano scale p-n junctions

Jong-Heun Lee,  IWASER 2012 (May 14-16, 2012, Najran, Saudi Arabia)

Design of High-Performance Gas Sensors by surface Modification of Oxide Semiconductor Nanostructures

Jong-Heun Lee,  9th ACCS, (Nov 14-17, 2011, Taipei, Taiwan)

Highly Sensitive Gas Sensors using Self-Assembled Oxide Nanostructures

Jong-Heun Lee,  ICAE 2011, (Nov 7-10, 2011, Jeju, Korea)

Low-temperature Sintering and Electrical Properties of Strontium- and Magnesium-doped Lanthanum Gallate

Sang-Bu Ha, Yoon Ho Cho, Ho-Il Ji, Jong-Ho Lee, Yun Chan Kang, and Jong-Heun Lee, Sintering 2011, (Aug 28 - Sep 1, 2011, Jeju, Korea)

Resistive intergranular phases in solid oxide electrolytes: estimation and scavenging

Jong-Heun Lee, The 9th International Meeting of Pacific Rim Ceramic Societies, (July 10-14, 2011, Cairns, Australia)

Gas sensors using oxide nanowire networks

Jong-Heun Lee,  The 4th GOSFEL Workshop: Gas sensors based on semiconducting metal oxides basic understanding and applications, (June 6 - 7, 2011, Tuebingen, Germany)

Enhanced gas sensing characteristics of surface-modified oxide nanowire networks

Jong-Heun Lee and In-Sung Hwang, SGS 2010, (Sep 12-16, 2010, Krakow, Poland)

Gas Sensors using Hierarchical and Hollow Oxide Nanostructures

Jong-Heun Lee, The 3rd GOSFEL Workshop: Gas sensors based on semiconducting metal oxides - new direction, (November 30 - December 1, 2009, Tuebingen, Germany)

Enhanced gas sensing characteristics of hierarchical oxide nanostructures

Jong-Heun Lee, 8th Asian Conference on chemical sensors, (November 11-14, 2009, Daegu, Korea)

Highly senitive and fast responding gas sensors using hierarchical and hollow oxide nanostructures

Jong-Heun Lee, The 22th Japanese Ceramic Society Fall meeting, (September 16-18, 2009, Matsuyama, Japan)