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A strategy for ultrasensitive and selective detection of methylamine using p-type Cr2O3: Morphological design of sensing materials, control of charge carrier concentrations, and configurational tuning of Au catalysts

Tae-Hyung Kim, Ji-Wook Yoon, Yun Chan Kang, Faissal Abdel-Hady, A. A. Wazzan, and Jong-Heun Lee*, Sensor and Actuators B: Chemical, 240, 1049-1057 (2017)

In-situ nano-alloying Pd-Ni for economical control of syngas production from high-temperature thermo-electrochemical reaction of steam/CO2

Si-Won Kim, Mansoo Park, Hyoungchul Kim, Kyung Joong Yoon, Ji-Won Son, Jong-Ho Lee, Byung-Kook Kim, Jong-Heun Lee, Jongsup Hong*, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 200, 265-273 (2017)

Synthesis and characterizations of CuO nanodiskes for high-sensitive and selective ethanol gas sensor applications

Ahmad Umar,* Jong-Heun Lee, Rajesh Kumar, and O. Al-Dossary, J. Nanosci. & Nanotech., 17, 1455-1459 (2017)

Highly selective xylene sensor based on NiO/NiMoO4 nanocomposite hierarchical spheres for indoor air monitoring

Bo-Young Kim, Jee Hyun Ahn, Ji-Wook Yoon, Chul-Soon Lee, Yun Chan Kang, Faissal Abdel_Hady, Abdulaziz A. Wazzan, and Jong-Heun Lee*, ACS Appl. Mater. & Interfaces, 8, 34603-34611 (2016)

Catalytic Effect of Pd-Ni Bimetallic Catalysts on High-Temperature Co-Electrolysis of Steam/CO2 Mixtures

Si-Won Kim, Mansoo Park, Hyoungchul Kim, Kyung Joong Yoon, Ji-Won Son, Jong-Ho Lee, Byung-Kook Kim, Jong-Heun Lee, and Jongsup Honga,*, J. Electrochem. Soc., 163(11), F3171-F3178 (2016)

Degradation of hydration kinetics of proton-conducting Ba(Zr0.84Y0.15Cu0.01)O3-δ during conductivity-relaxation experiment

Sung Min Choi, Jong-Heun Lee, Jongsup Hong, Kyung Joong Yoon, Ji-Won Son, Byung-Kook Kim, Hae-Weon Lee, and Jong-Ho Lee*, J. Power Sources, 332, 299-304 (2016)

Toward high performance hematite nanotube photoanodes: Charge transfer engineering at heterointerfaces

Do Hong Kim, Dinsefa Andoshe, Young-Seok Shim, Cheon Woo Moon, Woonbae Sohn, Seokhoon Choi, Taemin Kim, Migyoung Lee, Hoon Kee park, Koo Tak Hong, Ki Chang Kwon, Jun Min Suh, Jin-Sang Kim, Jong-Heun Lee,* and Ho Won Jang,* ACS Appl. Mater. & Interfac

Design of Highly Selective Gas Sensors via Physicochemical Modification of Oxide Nanowires: Overview

Hyung-Sik Woo, Chan Woong Na, and Jong-Heun Lee*, Sensors, 16, 1531 (2016) (review article)

Superior Na-Ion Storage Properties of High Aspect Ratio SnSe Nanoplates Prepared by One-Pot Spray Pyrolysis

Gi Dae Park, Jong-Heun Lee, and Yun Chan Kang*, Nanoscale, 8, 11889-11896 (2016)

A new strategy for humidity independent oxide chemiresistors: Dynamic self-refreshing of In2O3 sensing surface assisted by layer-by-layer coated CeO2 nanoclusters

Ji-Wook Yoon, Jun-Sik Kim, Tae-Hyung Kim, Young Jun Hong, Yun Chan Kang, Jong-Heun Lee,* Small, 12, 4229-4230 (2016) (Cover pircture article)